It is our great pleasure to announce the International Conference on Informatics, Robotics, Networks, Control and Systems (IRONCONS 2020), to be held in November 2020 in Solo, Indonesia. The conference is organized by the Technology, Informatics, Management and Engineering Research Support (TIMERS) Indonesia. IRONCONS 2020 focuses on both theory, design and applications mainly covering the topics and the multi disciplines of informatics, robotics, networks, control and systems. In addition to the technical sessions, there will be invited sessions, panel sessions and keynote addresses. We solicit full-length, high-quality, and original papers on the following topics, not limited to:

Track: Informatics

Soft computing, Ubiquitous computing, Distributed/decentralized intelligent, Fuzzy systems, AI and expert systems, Virtual reality, Augmented reality, Wearable computers, Information systems and retrieval, Knowledge engineering, Signal/Image and multimedia processing, Software-enabled control, Real-time operating systems, Architecture for autonomous systems, Software engineering for real-time systems, Real-time data communications, Context-aware computing, Integrated information and automation, Architecture and Topology

Track: Robotics

Design, Development and Control, Space, Aerial, Ground and Underwater Robots, Industrial Robots, Networks and Automation, Image Processing, Vision, Recognition and Reconstruction, Teleoperation and Telerobotics, Humanoid Robots and Human Robots interface, Computer Brain Interface, Collective and Social Robots, Mobile Robots and Intelligent Autonomous Systems, Autonomous and Network Agents, Mechatronics Systems, Modelling and Simulation, Surveillance, Fault detection and Diagnosis, Engineering and Industrial Applications.

Track: Networks

Agent communication and network, Web Intelligent, Web Minning, Web Services, Text Minning, Applications of Sensor Networks in Healthcare, Infrastructure, Defense, Environment; Data Aggregation, Storage & Management; Data center and cloud networking; Distributed Information Processing; Embedded Software for Sensor Networks; Energy Efficiency and Management; Fault and Identification; Internetworking protocols & Internet applications; Middleware in Sensor Networks; Multimedia Sensor Network; Network Scheduling and Optimization; Network virtualization; Networked Sensing and Control; Protocols in Sensor Networks; Sensor Fusion, Tracking and Localization; Sensor Network Security; Sensor Networks for Smart Grids; Software defined and cognitive radio networks.

Track: Control

Control Theory, Control Application, Networked Control, Intelligent Control, Adaptive Control, Robust Control, Hybrid Control, Discrete Event Control, Distributed Control, Embedded Control, Linear and Nonlinear Control, Multivatiable Control, Stochatic Control, Precision Motion Control, Integrated Planning and Control, Team Control, Embedded Control, Control Engineering and Education, Control Design and Applications.

Track: Systems

Biological Systems, Communication Systems, Computing Systems, Cooperative Systems, Economics and Systems, Hybrid Systems, Mechanical Systems, Stochastic Systems, Systems Inspired Mathematics, Bio-inspired systems, Intelligent Systems, Signal Processing, Learning and Adaptation, Computational architectures for learning, Reward structures for learning, Evolution, adaptation, Co-evolution, Single agent Learning, Multi-agent Learning, Systems and Organization, Autonomic computing, Complex systems, Self-organization, Novel agent and multi-agent applications, Intelligent User Interfaces, Bayesian Networks, Soft Computing, Neural Networks, Natural language processing, Machine Learning, Planning and Scheduling, Knowledge Representation and Reasoning, Uncertainty in AI, Model-Based Reasoning, Ontologies, Data Mining, Constraint Satisfaction, State Space Search, Case-Based Reasoning, Cognitive Systems, Reactive AI, Vision and Perception, Pattern Recognition, Ambient Intelligence, AI and Creativity, Evolutionary Computing, Fuzzy Systems, Knowledge Based System, Industrial applications of AI, Hybrid Intelligent Systems, Visualization, Knowledge based, Bio-inspired systems and computing.